Why Have Drone Insurance?

Initially used in the military, drones are used today to shoot videos, take pictures, conduct rescue operations, and inspect pipelines, construction sites. Many make it a hobby, professionals and companies use them to shoot and improve production processes and safety. Insurance companies can identify, assess, mitigate risks and inspect inaccessible places after a disaster. If you have wondered why have drone insurance, continue to read our article.

Development of drone insurance market

The drone market is expanding and could represent around 10% of the EU aviation market over the next 10 years, worth around ā‚¬ 15 billion a year. According to the European Commission, it could generate around 150 thousand jobs by 2050.

Over the years, the potential of this technology has grown, highlighting possible risks for privacy, especially since the entry into force of the New European Regulation for privacy (GDPR), for cyber security and for the safety of people.

Why do you need the insurance?

Drones in the context of a professional activity requires by law an insurance for Remote Piloting Aircraft, which must meet specific requirements; the policy of the Head of the Family or the normal modeling insurance does not in fact cover the specific risks of the aircraft, in the case it causes damage to things or third parties. For those who fly for fun or for sports, droneĀ insurance protection is not mandatory, but advisable; a drone policy for hobbyists costs little and makes you fly peacefully.

An insurance broker is able to advise everyone on the most suitable and convenient liability insurance coverage.

If the drones are used for recreational purposes, they can fly during daytime in direct visual contact at a maximum distance of 200 m and at a maximum height of 70 m and without using any automatic flight control on paths out of sight of the pilot.

It is also necessary to make sure that you are at least 5 km away from an airport or from an area where it is explicitly forbidden to fly.

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