Insurance companies and their experts are more and more numerous to use drones in their trades.

No more random shipments on the roofs (besides prohibited) and rentals of aerial lifts. Building inspections for expert appraisal are now conducted with remotely piloted aircraft.

The benefits are numerous and obvious when it comes to finding damage on roofs, but also on high parts of buildings.

If all types of construction are concerned, the interest is particularly obvious when the experts have to intervene on buildings of the large surface area, height, or if the facilities to be inspected are difficult to access.

Insurance for Drones

Insurance companies also had to face this new reality. Mostly reluctant at the outset, they now have the wind in their sails and offer insurance policies that really meet the needs of pilots.

Drone Insurance offer

Benefit from the “property damage” protection that ensures your aircraft and onboard equipment. This protection is valid in case of fall, shock, collision, flight, wrong maneuver…

Protect your civil liability with the “Civil liability” option. This warranty covers you in the event of damage to a third party. It allows you to be in compliance with the regulation of civil aviation.

Adjust your contract with different options to protect your business or extend your coverage to the risk of hackers for example.


We recommend that each new drone owner injuries from a professional to know the specific legal and insurance requirements related to the acquisition of such a machine.

Then, contact your broker or insurance company to see if you are already covered or if you need additional coverage. “It would be ideal to provide three; the drone, that of possible material damage it could cause and that of potential intangible damage.” In other words, an omnium for the drone, an RC and legal protection insurance.

Finally, experts advise each drone owner to explain or remind each member of the family what the legal limits of the use of the gear are, but also the limits of insurance contracts.