Drone; who has gotten a remarkable dissemination recently. Many people are steering the drones because they can shoot beautiful videos, but accidents are happening on the other hand.

Also, because you do not need a license for maneuvering drone, it is thought that an amateur is liable to accident. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for an emergency accident.

For example, various things can be assumed, such as drones touching a child, scratching electric wires and public goods, colliding with a car and making scratches… and so on. By the way, the most accident in the first drone seems to be an accident caused by “out of battery”. If the drone flying in the sky suddenly falls out of batteries and hits people… it is pretty scary.

Types of accidents in steering drone

Interpersonal: The aircraft dropped during drone piloting, causing injuries to pedestrians.

Objective: When the aircraft dropped during drone maneuvering, damages such as scratches or damage to public objects or other person’s possessions.

What drone insurance cover?

Although it is said that it is “damage insurance” that can be utilized in case of an accident involving such liability, it can be covered with insurance dedicated to drone or personal liability insurance.

If a drone accident occurs, you must identify yourself as the operator or owner of the drone before the injured party and the authorities. It may happen that you have to pay financial compensation to the victim, the amount of which may vary significantly depending on the country.

In order to avoid significant financial risks, be sure to check as a minimum condition whether your home or private insurance includes the use of drones for recreational use. Otherwise, it is strongly recommended to extend the insurance or to make special wire insurance. Some EU Member States must have special compulsory insurance before flying.

In any case, read carefully the terms and conditions of the insurance policy (including geographic coverage) and ensure that they are observed during operation.