A drone is a flying device that is controlled remotely by a gamepad or computer program. Companies find a thousand different applications ranging from agriculture to surveying, audiovisual production, surveillance operations, parcel delivery, and construction. No wonder the experts predict that this new technology, developed primarily for the military, will generate more than one hundred billion dollars by 2025.

Law and drones

If you own a drone and do not use it commercially, you are not required to have special permission to use it. The law simply requires the following safety instructions:

  • Do not fly in populated areas, near airports or moving vehicles
  • Respect the privacy of your fellow citizens and businesses
  • Flying during the day and when the weather is nice, keeping the drone in your field of vision and at an altitude not exceeding 90 meters

On the other hand, companies must follow much stricter instructions according to the weight of the machine and the intended use, which may lead to an application for a special flight operations certificate.

Your home insurance does not cover drones

Your drone is an aircraft, and it is excluded property in the vast majority of home insurance policies on the market. In the General Exclusions section of your policy, you are reminded that “Liability arising from the ownership, use or operation of any aircraft or landing locations, including airports, and related activities “is excluded.

Your insurance policy does not cover your drone or your responsibility! If it causes damage by striking electrical wires or a house, hurts a person or obstructs the public road, it will be your responsibility. If you hover over the neighbor’s lawn and pursue you for the invasion of privacy. What to do then?

For complete coverage at a competitive price

In fact, if aircraft insurance is excluded, it’s because there is aviation insurance for that kind of risk. Companies already have access to this type of coverage recently to ensure their responsibility. Use a broker specialized in this area before you get a drone, to have peace of mind.

If you inadvertently cause damage to property or persons when you have your drone flown, your civil liability may be incurred. You will then have to compensate the victim. If you have civil liability insurance, this insurance will directly compensate the victim for you.

How to make sure?

Before flying a drone, it is necessary to check if the model aircraft is covered by the liability insurance of your home multi-risk contract.

This guarantee covers damage that could be caused, for example in case of drone falling on property or people.

If the model aircraft is part of the exclusivity of the general liability insurance of your home multi-risk insurance policy or does not cover your category of drone, your insurer can adapt the civil liability guarantee of your contract or offer you a specific contract for tele piloting of your drone.