As a drone pilot, you need to make sure that you cannot damage others, for example, from the fall of your drone. This type of event is covered by your operator liability, included in your drone insurance contract.

People who have suffered material or bodily injury as a result of the fall of the drone will be able to claim compensation for their damage, as well as damages and interest! It is mandatory to have insurance that covers the civil liability of a drone operator!

If you are a drone builder, a trainer in drone piloting or you have another activity in this area, know that we can also offer you specific insurance coverage!

How to Get Drone Insurance?

The drone insurance can be used to deal with third parties in the context of your activity whether for aerial photography or for all other activities that you could do with your drone. There are other types of insurance to cover your drone operator activity.

Unmanned third party liability insurance

You must obtain third-party liability insurance for each drone you own. If you have several drones, we can all insure them on the same contract!

You get a contract to film a bike race. During the event your drone falls and arrives on one of the participating cyclists. The latter falls violently and seriously hurts. Your civil responsibility is engaged, our insurance of civil responsibility of drone intervenes to compensate the cyclist.

How Much Does a Drone Insurance Cost?

The price of insurance can vary according to different criteria (characteristics of the drone, type of activity, scenario, etc.).

They take into account mainly the number of drones and the number of tele-pilots to propose a tariff. For example for a tele-pilot who uses a drone, they can offer a drone insurance at 250 € per year of insurance.

For this liability insurance which is necessary to cover you as a professional in the event of material or physical damage, the majority of the insurance premiums vary between 250 and 450 euros the year. While for the insurer, the maximum compensation paid may be more than one and a half million euros depending on the case. In summary, the benefits of drone insurance products are many and you can usefully cover in case of accidents.

Depending on the characteristics of your drone and the use you make of it you must obtain certain authorizations from the prefecture. It is also necessary to obtain a license to be able to pilot a drone in certain cases.

Insurance companies, of course, impose conditions on users of drones in order to secure as much as possible their flying sessions in the context of their activities. For example, the use of special applications that help the pilot to perform flights in a secure manner is required. These applications, for example, signal effectively to the pilot the zones that are prohibited from access to the drones. These applications must be approved in advance by the insurance companies in question.