Drones have become very popular lately. It becomes indispensable for once-using. There are many accessories for drones. In general, expensive cameras are preferred. The average money is spent for a good drone between $ 1000 and $ 5000. But ultimately unwanted accidents may occur. Sometimes he can get out of control and get lost. Sometimes it can fall and cause property damage. What should we do to protect our financial investment?

Even if you are a new or experienced pilot, you can all experience accidents. You got your first drone. You’re learning to blow the drone. Everything is going well. Your battery may run out while landing. You may lose control of the Drone and you may not be able to save your drone. There’s a big financial investment. How will you protect your investment?

As Drone use became widespread, some insurance companies, such as State Farm, began to offer drone insurance. State Farm Drone Insurance covers categories under the Personal Articles Policy. What is Personal Articles Policy (PAP)? How does this work? How much will that cost? we will describe in detail all the curious questions.

State Farm Personal Articles Policy (PAP) Drone

The Personal Article Policy covers the repair or replacement of some valuables. Other policies may not protect your valuables. But Personal Article Policy goes beyond all. Contact State Farm to see if it is sufficient for your specific needs. The Personal Articles Policy includes;

  • Cameras
  • Collections
  • Computer equipment and software for personal use
  • Fur coats
  • Hearing aids and medical devices
  • Jewelry
  • Instrument
  • Silverware
  • Sports equipment
  • Entertainment and power products

For more information, visit the State Farm website.

What Does State Farm Drone Insurance Cover?

When we examine the above items, our drone is in the category of cameras. State Farm Drone Insurance covers costs for repair or replacement. No depreciation deduction. Accidental physical damage and theft are covered by insurance, with certain limitations and exceptions. State Farm Drone Insurance provides worldwide coverage. It is not currently operating in California.

State Farm Drone Insurance does not cover personal responsibility. In other words, damage to someone’s property or person is not met. The landlord may be covered by insurance. Drone owners should contact the landlord’s insurance agent to find out the scope of their responsibility. You should consider adding all risk liability policies, although they are not currently required.

How much is Insurance for a Drone?

State Farm Drone Insurance may be wondering how much it costs. Cost varies according to the market price of the drone and accessories. It also costs between $ 30 and $ 60 according to your residence status. To prove the cost of the drone, you must provide a copy of the receipts. You must also include receipts in your accessories. The most common accessories are;

  • Cameras
  • Controller
  • Dron batteries
  • Dron propellers

There are some technical requirements for State Farm Drone Insurance.

  • Must be for leisure and leisure use
  • Weight should be below 55 pounds
  • A copy of all purchase invoices must be submitted with the application.
  • Information about brand and model should be given

Even the most experienced pilots can have an accident. We recommend that you do not avoid small costs for your own peace of mind. State Farm Dron Insurance is not just for personal use. It also covers business use.

Apart from State Farm Insurance, there are options such as DJI Care and SquareTrade. The advantages of State Farm Dron Insurance are as follows;

  • Includes loss and loss, other than loss and damage
  • There is no need for a drone physically. (Suppose you fall into the lake)
  • Every year renewable
  • No activation time of 48 hours

DJI Care Refresh Review

Most of you have heard of DJI Care Refresh. So what does it actually provide? Customers who purchase from DJI have the option to add DJI Care Refresh during payment. The new or experienced pilot must receive this service before the first flight.

DJI Care Refresh is a service plan for 12 months. The cost of the plan is $ 79. For example, if my Mavic Proiştm is damaged, I can change it to just $ 99. If a second modification is needed within 12 months, the cost is $ 129. Even if you buy your drone from a third-party vendor, you can take advantage of this service if you have not yet activated it or if it has been less than 48 hours since activation.

What’s The Difference Between DJI Care Refresh & State Farm ‘Drone Insurance’

We’ve all seen ads on eBay where drone owners sell control devices and / or everything else from batteries or kits. So what are the main differences between DJI Care Refresh and State Farm Dron Insurance? Let’s explain this with an example. Let’s say you hit your drone against the wall. Your drone will be covered by two fuses.

If you want to renew your drone with DJI Care Refresh, you should pay $ 99. State Farm Drone insurance will give you a check for the new drone cost. There won’t be any cost. But since you have a new drone, you should get State Farm Dron Insurance again. State Farm Dron Insurance cost has changed from $ 30 to $ 60. But you will still have to pay less.

State Farm Dron Insurance is part of a national technical database. Your losses will be saved. If there are too many accidents or losses, you will be rejected.

Another difference is that DJI Care Refresh is for a specific area. If you live in the US it only covers for accidents there. State Farm Dron Insurance covers worldwide.