Online Drone Insurance

If you want to know how to compare online drone insurance you must start to inform you that this is a new field for professionals.

Until 2014 there were few certainties regarding the use of drones, whose use for filming could, in some cases, be considered a crime. Of course, there was no mention of the need to take out drone insurance policies.

With the regulation issued in April 2014, the situation changed radically, making the contracts stipulated before 30 April 2014 null and thus introducing a new technical branch into the insurance environment.

Drone insurance; the minimum ceiling

To have a clear idea of ​​the rules and how to compare online drones insurance, it is necessary to know the minimum ceiling which, according to the regulation, refers to € 843,000 for drones weighing less than 500 kg.

Another rule that should not be forgotten concerns the fact that any drone above 25 kg is considered an industrial and professional means and therefore linked to the compulsory certification.

Compare insurance drones

When it comes to learning how to compare online drones insurance it is good to remember that there are very different products and that it is not always easy to choose, since the field is very young in the market.

Online you can still find some proposals, which also allow hobbyists to cover the damage caused by drones used at an amateur level. These basic policies, which are subscribed thanks to brokers, have a cost starting from € 15 / € 20 per year.

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