The possibility of causing an accident in the drone is also not zero. So, this time we will introduce the drone insurance that will compensate you in the event of an accident by drone. Please read.

When you hear “insurance”, automobiles and health insurance come to mind first, but in fact, the insurance is also properly present in the drone.

Since drone is flying in the sky with a few kilograms, we cannot make the risk of accidents zero without paying much attention. Even those who are skipping drones as hobbies can inadvertently crash the drones, and if you think that the aircraft fell to the head of the people on the ground… it will be creepy. The possibility that such an accident happens to yourself is not zero.

Cheapest Drone Insurances

Although it is drone accompanied by such danger, there is insurance for drone accident. Now even beginners can easily buy a drone easily, the possibility that accidents like the one described above happen is also high. In order to use the drones safely and pleasantly, I recommend you to join the drone insurance.

DIJ free gratuity insurance

First of all, I would like to introduce the free damages insurance that one who purchased the subject drone of DIJ can join. If you register after this purchase, drone insurance is available for free for 1 year.

DIJ gratuitous incident insurance

Compensation coverage for DIJ’s free insurance depends on the plan, but both plans include damages insurance. In the case of the standard plan, insurance money is 800.000 dollars if it is an interpersonal per accident, 400.000 dollars if it is an object. The deductible amount is 400.000 dollars per accident. If it is a standard plan, damages prevention expenses and litigation costs are also within the compensation range.

Aero drone insurance

There are insurance which can be subscribed with the insurance premium of 55 dollars a year, and it is recommended to use it individually. There are many types of plans to choose and the range of compensation also varies depending on each plan, so you will surely find the right aircraft insurance for you.

RCK radio control insurance

This is an insurance policy for individuals who use drone or radio control as a hobby, insurance fee is 40 dollars for 2 years. In other words, it is insurance that you can subscribe with a cheap insurance premium of 20 dollars per year. Registration of the radio-controlled pilot is necessary for subscription, but the insurance fee is also affordable so I’d like to recommend it to individual users.

Although I introduced a representative drone insurance company, is not there a lot of people who did not know that there are so many types of drone insurance? Of course, it is a premise to pay attention so as not to cause an accident. Let’s have insurance before joining the drone in preparation for any chance!