A drone unmanned airplane which is rapidly increasing in popularity in the US. Drone is a compact unmanned aircraft originally manufactured for military purposes, but recently it has been widely demanded from aerial shooting (photos and movies shot from aircraft etc.) to product delivery, spraying of agricultural chemicals and PV shooting.

To date in the civil use, the drone is mainly used for surveillance purposes to perform a top-down control of large areas. These types of drones, equipped with webcams, offer the possibility to perform remote sensing, research and monitoring of large geographical areas with significantly reduced costs. But obviously, the areas of application, for this aircraft are really infinite.

However, it is said that there are many crash accidents occurring on the popular side, and in the United States it has developed to social problems. Therefore, in recent years insurance corresponding to Drone’s accident is paying attention.

Drone indemnity insurance

Liability insurance is an insurance that guarantees when you use a drone, such as when you accidentally crash something or injure someone. Many drones have advanced attitude control and collision prevention function, but it cannot eliminate the risk of crashing due to gusts, birds collision, battery exhaustion, aircraft trouble etc., beyond flying in the sky.

The right insurance against damage

Just like the bike, sofa or mobile phone, even the drone is part of its domestic furniture. As a result, your aircraft is insured with the insurance of domestic furniture against theft and fire. Home insurance helmet insurance offers the best possible protection against damage and destruction. As a rule, as in the case of theft, you must pay a deductible. Your insurance consultant will tell you how much it is and if your policy covers damage to drones and multicopters.

Liability insurance is mandatory

Contrary to damage insurance, it is mandatory to take out liability insurance. The latter offers protection in the event of claims made by third parties who have suffered bodily or material damage caused by their aircraft. Usually, the basic coverage does not include the cover for drones and the customer finds him/herself forced to stipulate an “aircraft supplement” in addition to his existing private liability insurance.

Before flying, remember to secure your drone. By common sense, even those who fly a drone as a hobby should be assured because, as they say, better to prevent than to cure.

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