These aircraft, capable of flying without a pilot, are also equipped with an on-board system for piloting and flying automatically and can carry modular sensors for acquiring high-quality images. It is thus the great agility of drones to move in the air which interests, in particular, insurers. Two main uses, related to this agility, seem to stand out in terms of insurance; the assessment of damage claims covered by insurers and the fight against fraud.

Large insurance companies often see drones as simple model aircraft. A drone that you fly as a hobby is often insured for a number of things, but this depends on the policy conditions of the insurer where you have your liability insurance. Drones that you fly professionally and drones heavier than 20 kilos almost never fall under liability insurance.

1. Coverdrone

Coverdrone is one of the largest insurers of Drones for the commercial market and was the first insurer with special coverage for commercial use of drones in the United Kingdom.

They provide insurance solutions for every need for unmanned aircraft (drone) industry. They also offer tailor-made solutions, including full coverage during the flight, aviation liability, data recovery, trading loss, and various additional coverage options.

2. InsureMyDrone

At InsureMyDrone, they understand the risks associated with operating UAVs and are committed to deploying the scope of applications to the Aviation Insurance Companies.

Many insurance companies are simplifying their application processes as complex as possible. Here, it’s just simple! They offer an experience for those who want to get drone insurance.

3. AVION Insurance

If your Drone crashes, the company minimizes your insurance premiums and reduces your risk as much as possible. Avion Insurance offers a comprehensive insurance service at the most competitive prices in the industry. It offers special packages for the damaged property after a drone accident.

4. Avalon Risk Management

The drone insurance coverage here is extensive and the costs are reasonable. If you are using a drone in your business or individually or if you plan to use it, it is a pioneer company to insure your risks.

5. Air Pak

Air Pak can be used to insure drones and other aircraft in the United States. There are also joint companies in Canada and Puerto Rico for insurance planning.

Don’t forget to search for user reviews when choosing a company to get Drone insurance. You should prefer a company that minimizes all risks during the drone flight.